Na Pali Splendor


      Here is the new painting finished August 2nd 2019 Na Pali Splendor. 20”x20”x 4” acrylic paint, 22k Gold, 4 gallons of resin. I’ve been envisioning the individual layers of the Na Pali cliffs set deep in resin showing the shadows and depth for a few years now and finally I got to create this. I think I’ll make this a little simpler next time. Na Pali Splendor was definitely a struggle with the many pours of resin but, I’m happy with the outcome. The birds are the Iwa, always soaring high above schools of fish waiting for other birds to catch then steal from them in flight. Here’s a little talk story: When I was a in my early 20’s during the summer months living in Haena I would swim out to the rocks in the foreground with my fishing pole and catch Papio. When it got late I would climb up to a ledge that I’m sure the Hawaiians used as it takes you around the corner to a big stone overhanging platform about 40ft high that looks down the Na Pali. Here I would watch the Iwa steal fish from other birds, and Papio chasing bait fish like packs of sea wolves. One of these peaceful moments up there just before sunset with the ocean like glass below and no breaking waves, I saw the famous backwash, but unlike what many get to see. Below me two barely visible underwater waves of energy came together and pushed up a 10 ft sheet of glass from nowhere. Perfectly vertical it stood and in a second it turned to mist with the colors of a rainbow 🌈. Kauai has gifted me with many views like this over the years, but this being in such a sacred spot that I know early Hawaiians sat to see the Splendor of the coast is one of the few things that has wedged in my memory bank. It was one of those blessing moment from the `Aina that makes you hold your breath for a space in time.🙏❤️