Blue Valley



Blue Valley 11"x 14"x 2"Blue Valley. Waterfall study 1.¬†11×14 inch with 2 inch wood sides. oil paint, 22k gold and 21k moon gold on 9 hand cut layers with multi resin poured finish.


This is a new approach that I am trying with pouring multilayers of art resin between my layers of hand cut materials. This is the first time I have tried this technique after years of imagining the step by step process. This piece has two layers of resin. The first pour of resin covers the waterfall and mountains which is made of two layers of hand cut relief. This resin has a small amount of white pigment to give the effect of the mist at the bottom. Then the next hand cut piece is made of 7 laminated layers. This is placed on the resin as it cures and gives the effect of more depth. Then once cured a final resin is poured. I will be creating more of these waterfall features and other works of art with this multi resin layering technique. I hope to refine this idea and find more ways to help my art grow in depth.


Before Resin FullSizeRender-2 first resin pour. FullSizeRender-9