‘ino Kauai, New Painting for March

ino-kauaiMarch on Kauai was an interesting and intense month with major flooding all over the island. For weeks the rain and lightning came down that caused bridges to be closed while landslides blocked roads. Troy lost his garden and had a river run through his yard that took surf boards and anything else in its path. Lately Kauai has been slowly cleaning up all the damage and everyone is making use of the sunny, tropical Hawaiian weather that has finally arrived.

Here is ‘ino Kauai, Kauai storm. This painting was started at the end of February and completed on the 30th March. ‘ino Kauai is 18″x24″oil, 23k yellow gold and 12k white gold on very thick 15 layers of hand cut bas-relief on wood. Troy is inspired by natures natural forces with its spinning motion. Troy sees these common patterns in nature from the spinning in a whirlpool of a flooding river to the motion of the wind and clouds. Just as two whirlpools come together and spinning their dance of death as they swallow each other up, so too does the Galaxies of our universe as the come together. Troy tries to include these playful swirls that he also sees them in Asian cloud designs, yin and yang and Polynesian art. He sees the connection that we humans have with these forces with dance, Qigong movement and other healing arts that work with natures flowing lines.