La’a Kea

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Something different, colorful and very deep. 24 layers of resin, 12 layers of art. La’a Kea has the most layers of resin poured and clearest finish Troy has created to date. The size is 18.5″ x 18.5″x 3″ acrylic paint with white pearl in the sky. There is a small amount of 22k gold with his signature piece as the last layer. This painting was built on a wooden box frame with beautiful Hawaiian Curly Koa Wood on all sides.

About The Name

laʻa kea

 [Hawaiian Dictionary]

n. Sacred light, sacred things of day, as sunshine, knowledge, happiness. Lit., light sacredness. Cf. laʻa uli. E nānā ʻia ka pulapula i ka laʻa kea i ka laʻa uli, may the descendants be cared for in times of light and times of misfortune. ʻO Pele ia aliʻi o Hawaiʻi, he aliʻi no laʻa uli, no laʻa kea (prayer), Pele is a chiefess of Hawaiʻi, chiefess of sacred darkness and of sacred light.

Hawaiian Curly Koa Wood.

La’a Kea is the Yin to the Yang of Troys last wave painting “Tsunami” that reflected our times with and ominous look of uncertainty, threatening and powerful with natural tones, lots of detail and lots of gold. This new piece La’a Kea shows soft lines, bright colors of a crystal prism and was created with healing and forgiveness in mind. The lotus sky is radiating and reflecting light with its soft pearl. The world is in need of healing more than ever and this piece was created with the healing light and compassion in mind.


Polishing process. Layers like colorful pebbles in a pool.