Looking back on 2011


Here is a list of paintings, events and posts for 2011.

January 3 2011 New Painting Wai Kula Bay,

Happy New Year everyone. Here is my new piece that was started and completed this January, Wai Kula Bay. Wai Kula is Hawaiian for golden color this piece is part of the frame and cannot be removed.  The gold panel is 10.5″x 14″in. and the out side of frame is 15″x 18.5″in. The painting medium is oil, 12k white gold, 23k yellow gold over hand cut bas-relief on wood. Frame has rare Japanese fabric and the wood carving was designed, machine cut and made by myself. Enjoy

1/24/2011 New Painting Ocean Jewel

Aloha, here is the another new piece Ocean Jewel. This painting was started and completed this January.  The gold panel in the center is 7″x7″in. and can not be removed from the frame. The out side of the frame is 13″x 13″in. The painting medium is oil and 23k genuine yellow gold over a hand cut bas-relief on wood. The Frame has rare Japanese fabric and the wood carving was designed, machine cut and made by Troy Carney. Enjoy.

3/17/2011 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing 2011 Painting Po’i Nã Nalu

Po’i Nã Nalu “where the waves break”. Aloha, it’s finally finished. 24″x30″ oil on 12k white gold and 23k yellow gold on a 30 layer hand cut bas-relief on wood. This style of art is Troy Carney’s own creation that he has been perfecting and fine tuning for the past 7 years.

3/28/2011 Troy Carney Art Greeting Card Wholesale.

Custom Greeting Cards are all the same size 4.25″x5.5″ horizontal or vertical format. The face of each card has a quality print of Troy Carney’s art work, the back has a description of the original art piece and inside is blank. All cards come with an A2 white envelope and sealed in biodegradable, earth friendly, clear plastic sleeve that protects them from Hawaii’s humid weather.

4/1/2011 Wholesale Prints For Retail Trade.

 Aloha, presenting Troy Carney’s collection of prints for wholesale to the retail trade. These Prints are 8″x10″inches on light card stock mounted with a 11″x14″inch double white mat. Each reproduction has backing boards with a biography, name tag and clear plastic sleeve.  Some prints are a limited edition of 200, all others are open editions. Each reproduction is printed with archival inks in New York. Please look to see by the title and code if the print and edition is available.

5/30/2011 Olili (shimmering) being gilded with 23k gold.

Olili 20x16x2in. oil 23k gold on hand cut bas-relief on wood.

6/10/2011 Troy Carney’s Alaula T-Shirts Coming To Hanalei Surf Co. Soon.

Alaula “sunset glow” this design is the view from Back Channel at Tunnels Reef looking back at Makana cliffs here on the island of Kauai. Keep an eye out for when this one comes to Hanalei Surf Co.

6/18/2011 Po’i Nã Nalu Prints for Sale

This prints is an 8″x10″ on light card stock mounted in a 11″x14″inch double white mat. Each comes with backing board and a biography.

Each print is $45
plus $12 for shipping.


6/21/2011  New Painting Kaitiaki

Kaitiaki 16″x20″ oil, Abalone shell, 12k white gold and 23k yellow gold on hand cut bas-relief  on wood.

Kaitiaki is the Maori term used for guardian. This is Troy’s interpretation of a Taniwha. In Maori mythology the Taniwha is a guardian that lives in the deep waters of the ocean and streams. The Taniwha is there to protect and to look after our environment, this is referred to as Kaitiakitanga. Troy believes that many years ago we all had ancestors that believed in protectors of nature because they knew the importance of nature to their survival.  With the troubles we face today with world wide pollution and dying seas we need to reconsider this frame of mind and save our fragile planet by being conscious guardians.

6/28/2011 Join us at Hawaiian Salt Summer Artist Reception.

Please join us at Hawaiian Salt Summer Artist Reception on Kauai’s South Shore, Friday July the 8th from 5-9pm. Food and Live Music.

6/28/2011 Kaitiaki with different lighting.

7/5/2011 Ra’iha’amana

The powerful humble Light.New painting: Ra’iha’amana, “the powerful humble light”. 11″x14″in. oil and 23k gold on hand cut bas-relief on wood.

6/17/2011 2nd Saturday Hanalei, The Epic Return

Second Saturday Hanalei Art Night returned with a new theme. The first event was held on the 16th of this month. 7 of Kauai’s finest artists were picked and their art was displayed on blue easels at different locations around the Hanalei Center. Troy had Po’i Nã Nalu on his easel between Barracuda restaurant and Niede’s Salsa and Samba. Troy Carney’s painting won the vote for this month. Thank you to Jesse Vere Mahorney for hosting the event also Joel Guy, and all that volunteered to help kick start the 2nd Saturday Hanalie again.

8/30/2011 Wai Kula

Wai KulaLiquid Gold. 18x24in. oil, 12k white gold and 23k yellow gold on hand cut bas-relief on wood.

9/3/2011 Purple Inc. Autumn 2011 Interview with Troy Carney

autumn 1


10/6/2011 Troy Carney Art Showing at the Second Saturday Hanalei event.

Second Saturday Hanalei proudly presents ” FAMILY OF THE WA’A” 10/8/11

Saturday, October 8 · 4:00pm – 10:00pm

HALE HALAWAI ‘OHANA ‘ O HANALEI (Saturday farmers market location)

Created By

More Info
Come out and join in the community support of our local artistic talent then stay to enjoy a great movie with family and friends! 


4:00 PM – 6:30 PM – Artists in tent, DJ/music, SSH voting and community initiative information center.

6:30 PM – 7:30 PM – Cooking Demo

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM – FREE MOVIE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! “Family of the Wa’a”, in honor of Kendall Struxness*.

The film is dedicated to Kendall Struxness who completed the entire journey from Hawai’i to Kure even as cancer threatened his very life. He passed away in April, 2011, just as this film was in its final edit. A man of enormous heart and courage, he is greatly missed.

For more info or to get in touch w/ the SSH crew leave us a message on the Facebook wall (http://facebook.com/secondsaturdayhanaleior get in touch with Joel, Aaron, Jenn or Jesse. See you all there!

10/31/2011 Kalalea, New Painting

kalalea-e Kalalea, meaning protruding line (of dorsal fins), haughty, important. Kalalea the name of the sacred mountains of Anahola, Kauai.  New painting for October.  24″x18″in. oil, 12k white gold and 23k yellow gold on hand cut bas-relief on wood.

Original painting and prints for sale.

11/4/2011 Makana Mana

Makana Mana, 11″x14″in. oil,12k gold and 23k gold on hand cut bas-relief on wood. Inspired by Kauai’s Magic.

11/29/2011 Vans Triple Crown Of Surfing Gallery

The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, Sunset World Cup.

12/15/2011 Billabong Pipeline Masters Dec 8-10

These are an assortment of 155 photos Troy Carney took of the 2011 Billabong Pipeline Masters between tending to customers and showing the featured painting for the Vans Triple Crown. Enjoy.