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Malolo “flying fish”. 18.5″ x 36.5″x3″ oil and acrylic paint, 22k gold, 21k moon gold, 14 layers of art in 29 layers of art resin, Koa Wood harvested from Kauai Ranch on box frame.

Aloha, welcome to the presentation page of Troy Carney’s new painting Malolo.

So far this piece of art has taken the most time to create with also the most layers of resin and art pieces on Troys gold art to date. Without counting the sketch this painting was started on the 16 September and completed 22nd of November.

Troy spent a big part of his younger years out here in Haena on Kauai’s North Shore where he enjoyed surfing, fishing, hiking solo up the valleys at night to catch shrimp, combing the beaches for shells and treasures with his mother who still lives there today. Troy crewed a few boats on Kauai and New Zealand and recalls many times seeing flying fish catch the wind and sail for may yards, gliding just like a bird. Sometimes gaining enough hight to clear the bow of the boat with the wind and spray and occasionally landing on the front deck.

The beauty of the North Shore still entices Troy to dive over from the westside to visit his mother and watch a sunset or catch a the north swell surf.