Majestic Isles, Aloha ‘Aina Similar Original Series

Majestic Isles, Aloha 'Aina Similar Original SeriesMajestic Isles 18″x24″in. oil  and 24k gold on a bas-relief with 1.5″in. sides that are also gilded with 24k genuine gold.

Majestic Isles is the first of a kind of my Aloha ‘Aina Similar Original Series and is a limited edition of 15.

For ten years I have enjoyed creating my Golden Paintings and eight of those years I have been using the Hungi To (Japanese Knife) to cut every layer and lots of tiny delicate pieces. Due to the demand of galleries and collectors, not to mention the demand on the body with long sittings for weeks that involve pushing down hard and pulling a knife through tough materials, I have moved on now to the use of some modern technology for cutting each separate layer. I have been planing this for years as you can imagine the hands, neck and arm get very sore and thats not fun. I will still be cutting the odd original from scratch and using my knifes with this Similar Original Series. The laminating of each separate layer of these multidimensional paintings by hand will not change. There will be some original hand cutting to give each a unique texture or pattern.

So each Similar Original will have the same Hawaiian island layout that I have designed, but with a difference.

• Each piece will have its own original oil painting of a scenery or landscape that is unique and separate from the rest of the series.

• Some will have an additional hand cut layer of a different background pattern .

• Multi combinations of genuine gold karat.

• Some may be laid out on different wood panel sizes and substrates.

Click on image to make larger.

Majestic Isles, Aloha 'Aina Similar Original SeriesClick on image to make larger.