New Painting, Papaloa Jewel

Aloha, here is my latest piece Papaloa Jewel. 18″x24″ oil, 12k white gold, 18k and 23k yellow gold on a 20 layer deep hand cut bas-relief.Papaloa is the name of the outer reef at Tunnels Beach where I grew up here on Kauai.Papaloa Jewel has an interesting beginning. I first started the sketches for this in the shade of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap Cambodia last June. I was dripping with sweet on my sketch book in the extremely hot Cambodian summer. Great place for inspiration with all the ancient art everywhere you look.This is the second painting that I have exposed more under layers on the surface of the wave and the heavenly flames are longer and more elegant than my past pieces. These long wispy flames are  harder cut, but I’m very happy with the finished look.
Papaloa Jewel needs a protective finish coat and this should be applied next week.
Note: My camera does not pick up the beautiful teal greens in the mountains and the clouds are not dark like you may see in this photo. This is just how gold reflects when trying to take an image.Papaloa Jewel