Kaihalulu, first painting for 2013


Kaihalulu, roaring sea
24″h x 36″w and 2.5″depth. Oil, 12k and 23k gold on 30 layers of hand cut bas-relief.


Kaihalulu is the largest wave painting that I have completed with 30 layers and many little pieces. My art has been evolving and moving forward with a style that reminds me of nature unrolling her spirals and natural lines. Hidden in my gold gilding of the water I am discovering where my art seems to be taking me. I am moved by the sacred beauty of Earth’s precious elements and nature’s flowing movements. Creating art with this in mind has become exciting as there seems to be no end to the inspiration. The universe is full of spinning spirals from galaxies with their orbiting lines of planets to the movements of the sea and blood cells in our bodies. I’m going to need another lifetime here to keep on painting.

These gold paintings take along time to produce with designing, cutting, laminating, gold gilding and painting. When I start one of these I am immersed in the subject for days on end with little breaks. This is so that I can finish the painting without being distracted from the inspiration I am getting. I’ve noticed that the time I take with my paintings seems almost contradictory to the trend of the fast paced modern age. People are so rushed for time these days as the world is filling up and we all want that something fast: food, transport, internment and even art. Im starting to feel like I am unintentionally holding ground for a more old world style of craftsmanship while the world whirls by at increasing speed.

So a big heartfelt mahalo to everyone who has supported my art and allowed to continue following my pace of inspiration, and for all those who offer their positive encouragement and feedback.
Troy Carney