Pillars Of Peace


Pillars Of Peace, 16″x 16″x 2″ copper sides. Medium: oil paint, 22k and 24k genuine gold, Bristol,pigments, resin, copper and wood. This piece has one inch of clear resin finish with the pieces of gold art suspended in between 11 layers of the art resin. This gives more depth than my paintings have ever had before, with drop shadows and distant backgrounds.

Pillars of Peace is the new painting for September 2016. The Lotus flowers are a symbol of ones rebirth or transformation from the muddy depths. As one rises above the surface we are still faced with restless seas of troubles. Like pillars the human spirit is strong against this unrest and I feel that with the way the world is today we should hold peace in our center and be like beacons of hope to change the world around us.


Troy Carney