8×10 Matted Paper Prints



8″x10″ paper prints in 11″x14″ double white mat. These quality prints are printed on light card stock with archival inks and also come with backing board, artist bio and plastic sleeve. Each Print is named and signed by Troy Carney.



001-MPET  Poi Nã Nalu.

002-MPET Papaloa Jewel.

003-MPET ‘ino Kauai.

007-MPET Bubbles and Spirals.

008-MPET Kaihalulu.

010-MPET Kauai Gold.

012-MPET Enchanted Isles.

015-MPET Hanalei Splendor.

016-MPET Lotus Jewel.

018-MPET Alaula.

020-MPET Wai Kula Bay.

021-MPET Liquid Jewel.

022-MPET Love and Double Happiness.

023-MPET Kauai Mana.

024-MPET Makana Kula.

Additional information

8x10 Double Mat Paper Prints.

001-MPET Poi Nã Nalu $45, 002-MPET Papaloa Jewel $45, 003-MPET 'ino Kauai $45, 007-MPET Bubbles and Spirals$45, 008-MPET Kaihalulu $45, 010-MPET Kauai Gold $45, 012-MPET Enchanted Isles $45, 015-MPET Hanalei Splendor $45, 016-MPET Lotus Jewel $45, 018-MPET Alaula $45, 020-MPET Wai Kula Bay $45, 021-MPET Liquid Jewel $45, 022-MPET Love and Double Happiness. $45, 023-MPET Kauai Mana $45, 024-MPETMakana Kula $45