Similar Original Series

In December 2013 Troy Carney started to combine the use of lasers with his work. For many years Troy had mixed feeling about using this modern tool for cutting his layers and has always admired art that takes patience and skill by hand. But to keep up with the demand for this artwork and with the times, Troy started to experiment. He soon realized it still takes a lot of skill and patience to complete these pieces. Also the intricacy of the design along with the exotic hardwoods that are used, he would not be able to cut these with his traditional Japanese knives. Each layer must be made laser ready and this is very expensive and time-consuming process, so to compensate the art pieces became a Limited Edition of a Similar Original Series. Even though the designs are similar, no two pieces are the same. The layout, painting, gold content and framing are all different and unique. Troy takes a lot of pride in making his frames and takes care in picking the right wood grains and colors to complement the art.

Nani Nalu Similar Original Series of 20

Medium: Oil paint, Gold 12k-24k, Cotton Bristol.

Aloha ‘Ania Similar Original Series of 20

Medium: Oil paint, Gold 12k-24k, Cotton Bristol.

Wave Of Gratitude Similar Original Series of 20 SOLD OUT

Medium: Teak or Mohogany wood waves, Gold 22k-24k, Mango wood and Abalone Shell inlay.

Makana Kula Similar Original Series of 20

Medium: Teak wood, 21k moon gold 22k-24k yellow gold , Mango wood frames.

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