Studio and Inspiration

Living on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific provides endless inspiration. The following are photos and videos that give you a behind the scenes look at what inspires Troy and some of the processes that make up his unique art.


Inspiration from Travel.


In the far north west of Vietnam is an old French hill station called Sapa. Troy Carney has been traveling there since 2005 and has made this a place to refuel his inspiration. High up in the mountains near the highest peak in Vietnam called Fransipan in the Hoang Lien Mountains you will find around 13 different types of hill tribes people. Among them are the Black H’mong, Flower H’mong, Red Dzao (Mien), Black Dzao, and Thai. Troy’s hill tribe friends help him find new and exiting places to go. Troy gives back the proceeds of prints and painting of these people to help buy cloths and rice for some of the families. Sapa is so high up in the mountains that they only get one harvest of rice a year and the prices of food have become more expensive in the past few years. Troy feels good to be able to help in someway and to learn about these incredible peoples traditions and ancient ways. Here is just some of thousands of pictures Troy Carney took in this rejoin. Enjoy.


Press Releases.


Liquid Salt Surf Magazine article from March 14 2013.