Under The Sea Series

Under The Sea Series
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Once again here are two fresh, new and different paintings from Troy Carney for the month of August 2020. Enjoy


The first is Niele – meaning “Curious” in Hawaiian. This little curious Clownfish piece has a lot of style, depth and gold.

10.1/2″x10.1/2″ 22k Genuine Gold, Acrylic, Art Resin, Cotton Bristol and Kauai Koa Wood.

Puli Loa

The next is Pule Loa meaning Companion. These are two Copper Striped Butterfly fish. They are painted with pearl acrylics and other iridescence in the scales and are design to reflect the light like the gold. Each fish is rimmed in 22k Gold along with the Fan Coral. Each piece is floating and suspended above an indigo bleed and wash background. 12.1/2″x12.1/2″. 22k Genuine Gold, Acrylic Paint, Cotton Bristol, Art Resin, and Kauai Koa Wood.

Puli Loa
Koa wood from Kauai’s Keapana Valley.