Vietnam July-September 2012

Sapa, Loa Cai, VietnamAloha friends and family, some of you may know I like to spend time in Hanoi, Vietnam which is reputed to be the art capital of Asia, and in the mountains near the Chinese boarder to gather inspiration and design ideas.  The people, the culture, and the creativity I see in the people’s ability to make something beautiful from nothing fuels my ambition to create. Some of the art techniques in Hanoi are interesting in the way they mix different mediums like abalone shell and eggshell inlays with lacquers. Much of the traditional oil painting is done on thick woven hemp canvases with textures that get me all excited.

In the mountain regions the art is more tribal involving textiles and traditional weaving techniques. Although I do appreciate the history and love to collect these pieces, I am more inspired by these hill tribes themselves  because they hold something very ancient that we in the west seem to have lost. I enjoy spending time with these people that once belonged to empires of a very distant past and have been scattered and moved across boarders from different wars or natural courses. To me they are, as others have put it, “real”.  Every day is about growing food or creating something beautiful from what appears to be nothing. It reminds me of  what I saw as a child traveling through Indonesia and resonates with that deep impression made in my youth.

So one may ask “what does Vietnam  have to do with my style of art?”

There is something akin to the way the Vietnamese have mixed French Indochina and traditional asian ingredients to create its own distinctive contemporary genre, and how my art has emerged from the Indonesian influences of my youth and the Polynesian roots of my home to become something unique in style and content. And as I have striven over the years to bring my ideas into reality utilizing my own ingenuity, there is something familiar to the tribes people in the notion that I have created something out of “nothing”. Vietnam inspires me to evolve and reminds me that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

I love to take Photo’s too, so here are some from this years journey.  Click on the images to make them larger.

Enjoy, Troy Carney

Hanoi History of Art Museum.