Wailani New Painting for 2017


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Happy New Year,

Troy Carney is also happy to present Wailani the first painting for 2017. Wailani, “water from the heavens” is 13″x 37″ oil paint, 21k Moon Gold and 24k yellow gold on layers of Cotton Bristol in between 10 layers of art resin on top of a Koa Wood box frame.

Wailani is Troy Carney’s rendition of Kauai’s many beautiful waterfalls and the tall canopies of the Albizia trees. last November of 2016 Wailani’s origins first started as a small sketch on on the riverbanks of Muang Ngoi deep in the country of Laos. This piece has taken 2 months to complete and each layer of trees and valley is suspended in between multiple layers of resin with white pigments to give the effect of the misty valleys as water falls from the heavens to nourish life on our island paradise.

Wailani will be on display at the Halele’a Gallery in Hanalei 1/31/2017.   http://www.haleleagallery.com



Wailani Koa side