Wailele Kula

Wailele Kula 11.5"x14.5"

Wailele Kula, waterfall study #.2,  11.5″x14.5″ oil paint, 22k Gold and 21k Moon Gold on hand cut bas-relief with art resin finish and curly Koa wood box frame.


Wailele (waterfall) Kula (gold). This piece was finished today 08/09/2016. The glass like finish to this piece is 5 multiple layers of resin that give the piece more depth between the valleys with misty clouds separating between the layers. This effect gives the piece more dimension with shadows and highlights to Troy’s already multi layered art style.

Wailele Kula was created here on beautiful Kauai and inspired by the precious water that helps keep our Garden Island alive.

Wailed koa and resin sides

Wailele Kula’s View of curly Koa wood and resin sides.

Wailele Kula corner watermark


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