Wave Of Gratitude Teak

Wave Of Gratitude 8/20Aloha and Happy New Year,

I have started this year off assembling four of the Wave Of Gratitude Original Series art pieces. These are 7,8,9,10,11 and 12 of the edition of 20. Each wave is made from Teak wood with a unique background design of genuine 22k Gold. The frames are also made by myself from beautiful Mango wood. Both the frame and wave are inlayed with New Zealand Abalone shell.

I hope this new year is full of happiness, health and a prosperous for you all.


Troy Carney

8/20 SOLD

Wave Of Gratitude 8/20

9/20 SOLDWave Of Gratitude 9/20

10/20 SOLDWave Of Gratitude 10/20



Wave of Gratitude 11/2012/20 SOLD

Wave Of Gratitude 12/20