Wele Ula First Painting For 2021



Welcome to a new year of Troy Carney Art. Last year was a strange year we can all agree, but also a very productive one for Troy with some new indigo and gold waves, fish and coral, and the deepest resin pours he has created to date. 2021 starts with this first painting Wele Ula inspired by the Yellow Fin Goatfish that Troy visits every time he dives at a beach near his home. Ever since Troy Carney has introduced pouring multiple layers of resin to his art he has imagined schools of fish with each fish separated by these layers. Finally after years of refining this technique he felt it was time to make this vision come to life with drop shadows and iridescent scales of gold reflecting the light.

Wele Ula 30.25″x30.25″ acrylic paint, 22k genuine gold, deep pour art resin, Kauai Koa Wood Frame. 48 lb 2/28/2021